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Regarding Covid-19, we are safe due to

our very private and somewhat unique set-up.

There are NO COMMON AREAS here, such as a lobby or the equivalent (except the Guest

Laundry/Library space which could just avoided); our already stringent CLEANING PROTOCOLS HAVE

BEEN STEPPED UP; if desired, GUESTS MAY ISOLATE in their large, private, self-contained, view

suites; NO FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION is required. Any potential stays at Crooked Tree are

therefore being left up to the discretion of visitors and, of course, availability.


Please check the Availability Calendar to see if the dates you would like are open.

If they are you have three choices to make a reservation:

  1. Phone 250.490.8022 to make arrangements . . . or
  2. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements . . . or
  3. Fill out and submit the Reservation form below; we will promptly respond to complete your reservation. Note that this is a secure website page so your information will be safe (the little padlock to the right of the URL at upper left indicates this).

We thank you for choosing to stay with us at Crooked Tree and look forward to your arrival!

As is policy, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Please complete this form and submit it to us so that we may process your deposit and confirm your booking. Arrival information, along with confirmation, will be sent to you following the processing of your deposit.  Please make note of our cancellation policy; perhaps consider travel insurance.

Items marked with a * (asterisk) are required - the form will not submit if those boxes are left blank

Number guests:

(Deposit will be for value of half your stay)

Method of Payment:

Please check one.

If credit card, please note that this website is secure. Indicate card #, CVV2# (3 numbers on back), expiration date and name on card.

If e-mail transfer, we will calculate the deposit amount required for you (we'll chat or e-mail regarding this!)

Visa MasterCard Discover Cheque E-mail Transfer (preferred!)